OLIVIA LEE is a multidisciplinary design studio creating resonant experiences. Grounded by an industrial design approach, the practice pivots from product to spatial design, research insights to art direction . OLIVIA LEE revels in complex ideas and elegant solutions. Find out more



The Athena Collection

Analog smart home for women

The Marvellous Marble Factory

New ways of presenting marble

Wonder Facility

An experimental space for work

Majesty of Nature

Personifying an institution

Instruments of Beauty

Tools for divine proportions

The Emporium of Candy Curiosities

Multi-sensorial food design workshop



Brand Storytelling

Playing with expectations. Crafting new stories through different perspectives. Translating heritage for the future.

Product Design

Distilling the extraordinary within a well-defined set of constraints. Designing products for new and ever-shifting contexts.

Sensorial Experiences

Building sensorial worlds. Developing holistic experiences and environments in a world yearning tactility.

Scenes from the studio



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Singapore 408733

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