Wonder Facility

An experimental space for work

Wonder Facility is multi-concept workspace designed and launched by Olivia Lee to facilitate independent and genre-defying studios. The space brings like-minded practitioners together whose work spans across design, art, innovation and technology.

Wonder Facility is a 1000sqft workspace concept designed in response to the gap between co-working spaces and art studios in Singapore. Developed for design studios, artists and digital nomads drawn to co-working arrangements yet prefer quieter and more settled environments.

The interior design is anchored around durable and cost-effective racking systems for the fit out. Working with a minimal budget, Olivia Lee had to make clever use of building materials. The racks not only serve as storage, they section the space. Configured along the stairs, the racks not only create more storage – they result in a feature wall.

The tone and layout of the space acknowledges that solitude is just as important as collaboration for creative work to happen. Private work pods and generous communal space allow studios to switch between modes of focus and introspection to exploration and socializing.

The same racking system is used for work pods with adjustable height and under desk storage. Polycarbonate sheets with their optical effects serve as privacy screens without sacrificing illumination. Castors allow pods to be easily repositioned to accommodate changing use of the space. Long communal tables are easily dismantled to clear space for events and exhibitions.

Tropical plants add warmth and accentuate the role of Wonder Facility as an oasis in the heart of an industrial area. All of this reflects Wonder Facility’s aim to build a conducive and harmonious culture of like-minded personalities and studios to flourish.

Photo credit: Sean The Photographer

Olivia Lee