Instruments of Beauty

Tools for divine proportions

Instruments of Beauty: Divine Tools is a collection of exquisite drawing tools personifying mankind’s yearning for beauty and the patterns of meaning in the world. Just as the Alchemist sought after enlightenment through the pursuit of immortality, the Ancient Greeks found divinity in the correlation between mathematics, the sciences and the arts. They found divinity in the golden ratio (φ), a geometric relationship as old as the spine of the nautilus shell and propagated (immaculately or not) in iconic artefacts across history.

This set of tools represents the convergence of disciplines (math, engineering and art) and ideals (spirituality and technology) – and the tantalising promise of eternity through everlasting and universal beauty. These tools invoke the mysterious force that encodes the Universe with our sense of beauty and the ideal.

Inspired by creation for creation, these 9 tools apply the principles of the golden ratio across different formats and functions. Each tool is designed to aid in the use and discovery of the golden ratio in existing or new work.

• Divine Sketchbook – A sketchbook with grids based on the golden ratio

• Divine Ruler – A ruler with a corresponding scale in golden ratio

• Divine Volumes – A set of wooden block representing the golden ratio spatially for exploring divine volumes

• Divine Roulette – A teethed stencil designed to draw hypotrochoids in multiples of five invoking Sacred Geometry

• Divine Looking Frame – A viewfinder use to investigate the presence of golden ratios in facades and objects from a distance

• Divine Kaleidoscope – An optical tool for creating pentagonal reflective geometry based on the 72odegree angle isosceles mirror inside

• Divine Protractor – A template of the golden angle used for replicating the distributive phenomena of phyllotaxis theory

• Divine Stencil – A pocket-sized drawing implement for creating golden ratio drawing guides with infinite scale

• Divine Callipers – A tribute to the original divine tool used for creating and checking for the golden ratio

Olivia Lee