Majesty of Nature

Articulating the Abstract

Majesty of Nature was commission by Temasek Holdings and Supermama for Temasek’s 40th Anniversary celebration. This series of limited edition prints on Arita ware celebrates Singapore’s way of life and the nurturing presence of nature. Every scene pays tribute to a specific terrain in Singapore and features flora and fauna of local significance. Each items also depicts iconic activities beloved by both locals and visitors. Temasek is represented through the various species of trees highlighted in each scene.

A reservoir bears great significance in a country with limited natural resources. In Singapore, this need to turn vulnerabilities into strengths has permeated across all facets of development. In the artwork of Reservoir: the striped smokestacks of Senoko Power Station in the distance, the radial bursts of the Mangrove Fan Palm, and the striking prints of the Albino Tigers work collectively to repeat a motif of energy and resilience.

Terrain: Reservoirs

Tree: Mangrove Fan Palm

Animal: Albino Tigers (Iconic animal of the Singapore Zoo, tigers were also once native to Singapore)

Man-made structure: Senoko Power Station

Iconic Activity: Visiting the Singapore Zoo

Sector: Energy & Resources

Olivia Lee