A balancing act in glass

Revere is a respectful little vase that is always happy to see you. It sits patiently and yields with ease, only revealing its best qualities with everyday use. Through a careful blend of craftsmanship and physics, Revere serves as a roly-poly glass vessel that always returns to a state of tranquility – suggesting a deeply meaningful addition to the home.

The vase is a study around the concept of stability. It challenges the idea that a vessel must have a flat base. Philosophically, the notion of stability in life is artificial. Both good and bad things happen to us all the time, always destabilizing and challenging our position. More importantly is how we return to a new state of equilibrium. Revere Vase is an unspoken reminder of that principle.

Revere is part of the debut collection of contemporary design label Industry+

Images courtesy of The Primary Studio

Olivia Lee