Books of Life

Books of Life is a series of leather bound accessories that hold the secret to an examined life. The OLIVIA LEE for Bynd Artisan capsule collection applies traditional leather bookbinding techniques in unexpected ways, resulting in book-like objects with a hidden function and poetic purpose.

The collection is recognition that books are more than mere stationery – they are symbolic objects. Books are an extension of our interests, aspirations and desires. They contain our stories, ideas, secrets and beliefs.

Books of Life with packaging_web.jpg

The Book of Knowledge is a table mirror and a reminder that to look into our own reflection is to seek self- discovery.

The Book of Wisdom is an understated magnifying glass for reading small print and for examining the finer details in life.

The Book of Dreams is a coin bank for accumulating the hope that comes with fulfilling a long- held fantasy.

The Book of Adventure is a clutch bag and a vessel for containing all the possibilities a day about town can bring.

The Book of Gratitude is a letter writing set that revives the tradition of sending our thanks.

The Book of Secrets is a jewellery box for containing both precious items and sentiment.

Olivia Lee